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History. Structure

Internal and external activities

| 2007    -    2017 |

Basilica Publishing House of the Romanian Patriarchate

Bucarest – 2017


FOREWARD/ e x t r a c t  of book – DANIEL, Patriarch of the Romanian Otrhodox Church

With regard to the great responsibility incumbent on Church shepherds, St. John  Chrysostom [d. 407] wrote: „Indeed, my beloved, great and high is the position of a Church head! It requires much wisdom and such courage that one feels ready – as Christ said – to lay down his life for the sake of his sheep. Thus, they are never left alone or defenceless, but the shepherd fights with noble steadfastness and fortitude  against the wolf. In this, he differs from the hireling. For the latter always seeks his own good and cares not for the sheep, while the former always seeks the good of the sheep, even at the expense of his own good.”

It is the light of the above statements, that we perceive the great responsibility of all hierarchs – members of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church – who, in brotherly communion, join their efforts in order to preserve and safeguard the Orthodox faith and Church unity, to enrich spiritual life and intesify  the missionary work in the parishes, monasteries, theological schools, cultural and social-philanthropic institutions of our Church.

The present volume, entitled THE ROMANIAN PATRIARCHATE. History, Structure, internal and external activities [2007-2017], provides a concise description, both in text and images, of the manifold and relevant activities conducted by the Romanian Patriarchate over the last decade.


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