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Royal Journal 2017-2018 - Principele Radu al Romaniei

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Prince Radu of Romania  |  Romanian Royal Journal 2017-2018. 


The photos reproduced in this book have been provided by the Archives of the Romanian Royal Family. 

Extras din Cuvantul de intampinare al autorului: 

Iin the history of the Romanian Royal Famiiy, 2017 and 2018 will remain years of particular significance. Within the space of just two years, and as part of a series of events that have been reshaping the modern face of the Royal Family, the Crown has celebrated the Grand Union of Romania, lost both King Michael and Queen Anne, and entered a new era, presided over by Her Majesty Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown. 

This short book provides an overview of two years that have brought change, but which have also rested under the sign of tradition and continuity. 

The book aims to be a practical guide to the inner workings of the Royal Family. The reader will thereby be able to gain a better understanding of the latest events to capture the attention of Romanians and the world, the position of the Royal Family in the current political and legislative context, and its relevance in today’s world.

I want to mention the precious help that I receveid in writing this book from Ioan Luca Vlad, honorary private counsellor to Her Majesty, and from Alistair Blyth, a fine connoisseur of both Romanian and English languages. Working with Maitre Vlad and Mr Blyth is always a pleasure.

The Author

Extras de la p. 6:

On 11 December 2017, six days after of the King Michael I, a solemn session of Romania’s parliament was held. Trough is parliament, the Romanian nation morally and politically recognised the first Royal succession since 1940.

Convened in order to pay a tribute to the late King, the session of parliament was presided over by the Speakers of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, and was held in the presence of the President of Romania and the Patriarch of the National Orthodox Church. In attendance were the prime minister, ministers, and senators and deputies from both the ruling party and the opposition.

The diplomatic corps, headed by their dean, the Apostolic Nuncio, were also in attendance, as were Romania’s former presidents and prime ministers. The Vice-President of the Romanian Academy, the local head of the Roman Catholic Church, and representatives of the Constitutional Court and other central institutions of state took part in the event.

The session, broadcast live on national television, was a powerful symbol of national unity. The Custodian of the Crown addressed Parliament in the following words [...]


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